Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Composition Art Journal, Beginings Page 1

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This is the opening page of my new Composition Book Journal.  I was inspired by my new Yahoo Group, CompositionArtJournals.  In this group we share our love of art journaling -- using a simple black and white speckled composition book as the starting point! Using this inexpensive and simple beginning, we've let go of expectations and guilt that some of us have with more expensive blank journals -- which has inhibited our creativity and made us too cautious. Pick up a cheapie journal, slap some paint on a few pages, and jump in, as they say in my group! And that is exactly what I have done...jumped in with both feet!

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freebird said...

I have heard so many women in their 50's and 60's (okay, my daughter is only in her 30's) say they just want some fun. I finally figured out most of us are looking to find joy in our every day that we have left. I hope you find your fun and your joy by using your journal (they are fun, aren't they?).