Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Slow Down!

I saw this odd color combination on a blog somewhere, so I thought I would give it a try. I'm sorry that I didn't pay attention to who's blog it was and promise to not let that happen again. I love to credit the creative person who inspires me. It's only fair! Also love this quote by John de Paola and I am trying with all my heart to heed the call. The quote goes..."Slow down and everything you're chasing will come around and catch you". I have tried some new lettering techniques and pasted some lace onto the page. I had a lot of fun doing this page.

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freebird said...

I like your page a lot. There are times I see something on a blog that later inspires me but by then I can't find the blogger to credit it to. It happens to all of us.

I like the little bit of glitter you added plus your varied lettering. I really need to work on that.

Are you working in a composition book? I have found I need to cut out every third page to keep mine from spreading open way too far. How is yours faring? I also glue two pages together over the cut-out leftovers of that third page to make them stronger. Perhaps I am using too much paint but I am having fun! Guess I should try to post more pages I've done. Keep up your good work.