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A in W

This page was a total blast to make, I tried new techniques and mixed paints to come up with just the right colors.  This page comes after seeing the movie Alice in Wonderland and also reading the wonderful Caroline Myss' Newsletter, March Salon in which she admits; I am an “Alice-o-phile”.  The article is entitled; ALICE TIME: CHOOSING SIX IMPOSSIBLE THINGS TO BELIEVE IN.  It is a wonderful read, try it!

Heart and Meaning

I was preparing for the new moon or dark of the moon when this page created itself on the 12th.  I have been working up to doing something special for the dark of the moon on April 14th at 5:32 am.  Of course, 5AM is a bit much for me so I simply lit a few candles and burned some incense last night, the 13th, with intention that I meet the dark of the moon prepared.  What's been on my mind is taking care of myself.  I mean, REALLY taking care of myself, which to my surprise, has been something that has managed to escape me all my life.  I didn't intend for it to happen this way, it just did.  However, now I think I know how it happened!  Some people don't have this problem but a lot of people do, mostly women, for what ever reason and I'm realizing that it doesn't and shouldn't be this way.  So to counter act this lifelong brainwashing by me and society I must become my own advocate and awaken.  To look, always, for what has Heart and Meaning for me.


I ran across and read an article in Oprah Magazine, dated February 2005.  You may ask, "Why on earth do you still have an "O" magazine from 5 years ago."  Well, all of us who are hooked on collage know the answer to that!

I was reading the article on page 178, by Mark Epstein, MD, entitled I Want, Therefore I Am.  It also had a very intriguing subtitle; Uncovering your real desires can be terrifying. It can also set you spectacularly free.  So of course I was hooked and wanted to know more. WELL.....

The story started out with a reference to a book called The Bonds of Love, by Jessica Benjamin who wrote in her book of an epiphany two psychologists once had while strolling past a hospital nursery.  This nursery was typical of most hospitals and required the mothers and other family to make a "pilgrimage" to the nursery to view the new born babies. One of the two psychologists was the mother of a brand new baby boy and was now staring anxiously into the nu…

Go Easy

t This is what I did with the last background that I showed you.  I don't usually go in for pink but this felt right and this is also the first time using black paint.  I have a little tool I've made, from needlework grid. I cut it at the point where it leaves little "nobs" which I drag through the paint on the page.

I was reading Joyce Lee's Notes to Self , which I find profoundly uplifting and used her wisdom for this spread. I quote:
"I knowingly accept that I am a work in progress. I do understand that taking baby steps is the most I can do some days. I recognize my growth potential as I love and honor my path." 

These are words I needed to hear!  I really needed to go easy with my self.  I've lost so many work hours and well you know, lots of idle time and no money!  Thank goodness for all my supplies!   I've been very strong!  No shopping!  It's times like this that make you dip a little deeper into your own soul and find the kind of h…

More Composition Pages

Here are a few more pages.

I've been thinking a lot about getting deeper into a practice of meditation....

Here some of the textures were punched card stock in different colors and shapes.  It was fun but a little tedious.  The arched window was an experiment with gel medium transfer. All the little pictures are inchies of Paris.

This was my New Years Celebration Page.  Some of my words for the year 2010 are; Luster, Beauty, Dominion, Strength and Change.

What's on your mind? Did you do a New Years Page? I would love to hear from your artistic self!

A new background

I've been trying to play around with texture in my composition book. So here are some examples.