Friday, April 2, 2010

Go Easy

This is what I did with the last background that I showed you.  I don't usually go in for pink but this felt right and this is also the first time using black paint.  I have a little tool I've made, from needlework grid. I cut it at the point where it leaves little "nobs" which I drag through the paint on the page.

I was reading Joyce Lee's Notes to Self , which I find profoundly uplifting and used her wisdom for this spread. I quote:
"I knowingly accept that I am a work in progress. I do understand that taking baby steps is the most I can do some days. I recognize my growth potential as I love and honor my path." 

These are words I needed to hear!  I really needed to go easy with my self.  I've lost so many work hours and well you know, lots of idle time and no money!  Thank goodness for all my supplies!   I've been very strong!  No shopping!  It's times like this that make you dip a little deeper into your own soul and find the kind of happiness and strength only you can provide. 

I love the last sentence that offers so much hope; I recognize my growth potential as I love and honor my path. Sometimes that's hard to remember when you're in the throws of trying to make ends meet.  It's so great to have my online community to help me.


Paula Phillips said...

This is wonderful Ellie!

Walks with Wolves said...

Lovely work and a LOVELY quote for all of us to remember. :)

Bren said...

Profound insights you have shared here, love the quote, for we are all and always it seems in the process of becoming more fully ourselves. I'm so glad you dropped by my blog and left a comment because I'm enjoying wondering through your blog and expressive pages.

freebird said...

Very nice. Black makes pink a grown-up color.
My sister has trouble making ends meet too. At 63 she is trying to get enough hours at the nursery (plants) where she works to make her Social Security money work. She would not turn on her heater this winter; thank goodness she lives in a fairly warm part of California but her house would still get around 50 degrees. With the poor economy people aren't buying so she doesn't get the hours she needs. It sounds like you are in the same boat. Thank goodness journaling doesn't take too many supplies. I hope you find more work soon.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sometimes those baby steps seem like giant ones to me.

ANITA said...


Joyce said...

Dear Ellie,
I am so delighted that you found meaning in my 'thoughtlet'...
I love your work as well... I created a spiritual altered book a few years ago and found the process wonderful!
Thank you for being you...
You will be a resident artist/muse on the "Inner Circle"
Brightest Blessings,
Joyce Lee