Heart and Meaning

I was preparing for the new moon or dark of the moon when this page created itself on the 12th.  I have been working up to doing something special for the dark of the moon on April 14th at 5:32 am.  Of course, 5AM is a bit much for me so I simply lit a few candles and burned some incense last night, the 13th, with intention that I meet the dark of the moon prepared.  What's been on my mind is taking care of myself.  I mean, REALLY taking care of myself, which to my surprise, has been something that has managed to escape me all my life.  I didn't intend for it to happen this way, it just did.  However, now I think I know how it happened!  Some people don't have this problem but a lot of people do, mostly women, for what ever reason and I'm realizing that it doesn't and shouldn't be this way.  So to counter act this lifelong brainwashing by me and society I must become my own advocate and awaken.  To look, always, for what has Heart and Meaning for me.