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My WORD for 2014

What will you choose for your word of 2014. I’m not sure at this present moment what that word will be but I read an interesting article at WOWH (Writing our way home) a blog that talks about small stones (a metaphor for short phrases) and offers writing challenges.

So what you do is think about your life in the past year and find out what you need, sum it up in one word and make that your focus for the coming year.  Since today is Dec. 30 I should think about it.

I’m realizing that I really do need to slow down but it frightens me somehow.  Like, I’ll fade away.  Or be one of those kind of old people who can’t do anything for themselves and just keep getting older and older, smaller and smaller, crookeder and crookeder, frail.  That’s not for me.  I don’t want to be frail.   

Grant you, I do need to take it easy, for instance my knee is really bothering me today, but I keep on going.  I’m not sure I know how, so that would be something good to learn this year. I need to think of a word …

A Few more 100 Days

I'm keeping this very short and just posting the work for now just to catch up!  Seems to be a repeating theme this last few days of 2012.

Day 96

Day 95

Day 94

Day 93

Day 92

Day 91

Day 90
Good night for now.

Altered Composition Books and more 100 Days

I took a whole bunch of photos of my 100 Days project and also some of my one and only painted face. Then I took a smattering of photos of the Journal Covers left over from the ones I made for presents.  I uploaded all of these to iphoto and then accidentally deleted all of them and......all of my other photo too.  Oops!

So. I will pull them out of the trash, but here's the problem...there are 9227 photos all jumbled in the trash with no folders or albums.  It's going to take awhile.  I'll get back to you on this.

Ok then! Got'em.  These are composition books that I altered and gave away as presents.

These are just the beginnings of 100 Days, a Promise to Myself

Day 99

Day 98

Day 97

That's all for now folks! I promise to keep up from now on...I've completed up to Day 60 so I'll be posting everyday till they're are all up. I'm pooped!! See you tomorrow.

Spending Time, 100 Days....A Promise to Myself

I was over at Teresa Robinson's Right Brain Planner reading about how you can not save time, you can only spend time, of course I can't find the exact post but hope you will enjoy looking around her blog.

The very idea that you can not save time changed my perspective about making goals and saving time.  Truly you can not "save" time.  And worse, it is spent, regardless.  I'm now acutely aware of the preciousness of spending time, since it can not be saved, it must be spent wisely.

I just had knee surgery so I'll have lots of time off for the first 30 days of this challenge, hope that's enough to give me a good start.  I've decided to use my index cards because they are cheap and easy and I can be completely fearless.  This is my first day but I think I will post on a weekly basis after this card.

I'm committing to Teresa's 100 Days..A Promise to Myself.

DAY 1 of 100