Spending Time, 100 Days....A Promise to Myself

I was over at Teresa Robinson's Right Brain Planner reading about how you can not save time, you can only spend time, of course I can't find the exact post but hope you will enjoy looking around her blog.

The very idea that you can not save time changed my perspective about making goals and saving time.  Truly you can not "save" time.  And worse, it is spent, regardless.  I'm now acutely aware of the preciousness of spending time, since it can not be saved, it must be spent wisely.

I just had knee surgery so I'll have lots of time off for the first 30 days of this challenge, hope that's enough to give me a good start.  I've decided to use my index cards because they are cheap and easy and I can be completely fearless.  This is my first day but I think I will post on a weekly basis after this card.

I'm committing to Teresa's 100 Days..A Promise to Myself.

DAY 1 of 100