My WORD for 2014

 What will you choose for your word of 2014.
I’m not sure at this present moment what that word will be but I read an interesting article at WOWH (Writing our way home) a blog that talks about small stones (a metaphor for short phrases) and offers writing challenges.

So what you do is think about your life in the past year and find out what you need, sum it up in one word and make that your focus for the coming year.  Since today is Dec. 30 I should think about it.

I’m realizing that I really do need to slow down but it frightens me somehow.  Like, I’ll fade away.  Or be one of those kind of old people who can’t do anything for themselves and just keep getting older and older, smaller and smaller, crookeder and crookeder, frail.  That’s not for me.  I don’t want to be frail.   

Grant you, I do need to take it easy, for instance my knee is really bothering me today, but I keep on going.  I’m not sure I know how, so that would be something good to learn this year. I need to think of a word that means slow down.  Well, I went to the thesaurus and found, relax, chill, take it easy and chillax. None of those struck a bell.

But then I was eating lunch, an abstinent lunch, (Yay, Good for Me!!) and the thought occurred to me that FIT would be a good word as well, because it includes my desire to be healthy, eat right, exercise and stay away from diabetes and arthritis.  Both those common diseases are controlled by diet, which fits!  I thought the word fit could apply to creating lifestyle and how something feels.  Like trying out a new class and really looking at how it fits my life and me.
The thesaurus is full of great synonyms for word for fit;
Good enough, (that’s great in itself)
Appropriate, Competent, Able, Capable,
Healthy, Well, in good shape, trim, Muscular, Strong, Robust
Suit, Correlate with, Congruent with, Be in Harmony

So it’s settled! FIT it is!  That will be my first mixed media 12x12 canvas of the new year.

If you visit  Writing Our Way Home you can do the writing exercise. It was fun!
Ellie P.S. The image is one I did years ago on polyvore