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Final Project 2014

I finally completed the fall class for Printing and Painting on Fabric.  Here are the results.

I have learned so much from this class! I'm taking it again in the Spring 2015 and hoping to learn as much but also refine my techniques too!

getting up to date

Have been busy playing with fabric, dye, botanical and a bunch of new techniques.  I'm getting ready for finals so don't have time to chat but thought I could post some photos of the work done so far. I'll explain later.

Stuff I did

Just looking through some of my photos of my art because it's been so long since I've posted any of my work. This was an art project I did for a class I took this spring at my local junior college.  It was a really fun class with soooooooo much talent gathered in one place.  It was awesome to work with so many talented and fun people. The large piece is my collage of the famous Edward Hopper's Chop Suey painting.  It took a couple of weeks to finish this work. 

Blue Tuscany

Too bad this looks so green because there are lots of blues and yellows in this painting along with some greens too.  Just can't get the lighting right for the photo.  I think this might be done.

The Painted Chair Affair

Our local art gallery, The Corner Gallery has several fundraising events every year.  This year I joined in on all the fun.  For the entire month of June 2014 we had hand painted chairs set up in the gallery. 

It all started with a last minute phone call! It was Wednesday afternoon and the chairs were due Friday morning.  Well, I can tell you I don't need much convincing to run down to the Salvation Army Hdqrs in Healdsburg.  Any olde reason will due. But this was for charity!  A really good excuse!  So of course, I called my daughter, I would be tarred and feathered if I went without her. We took off for the 45 minute ride south on Hwy 101. 

Waiting for us were the perfect chairs!!! Unfortunately, we were in such a hurry we forgot about taking the before photos! Here's what they looked like less than 48 hours later.

It was so much fun. Of course next year I'll be able to plan on painting a chair and won't be so hurried, a whole year ahead to plan is so luxurious.


The above photos were taken outside in my little patio. The colors are much different in natural light.  The ones below are taken in my studio just for the sake of detail.

This was done on a whim and I had so much fun with this.  Lots of different techniques applied...just fun stuff!
Peace. Ellie

Still looking

I'm still working on this piece.  It just keeps evolving. I don't have a photo of the current evolution on my computer yet.  It is still changing.

The Circle

This was my artistic response to a book by Laura Day, The Circle. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, relishing each chapter, loving it from cover to cover.

Each chapter taught me something new about gifts available to us. Gifts of Initiation, Apprenticeship and Mastery, of embodiment, synchronicity and roadblocks, both inner and outer.  It was a great read.

Peace. Ellie

Small Reminders

This little journal was inspired by Micheal Nobbs over at Sustainably Creative.  I did create this a while ago and I carry it in my purse to remind me that have options. That whatever is happening in my life, I can handle it famously, if I take it little by little and often.
Peace. Ellie
Another work in progress.  I'm loving the colors and the feeling.