My Word of the Year for 2014

I know that FIT is not a glamorous or trendy word.  However, it does describe the kind of year and direction I want to go in.  For my chosen path it's perfect.

I suppose that most people will think about being physically fit and it is surely that, but for me so much more.  I want to feel my life fits me.  The things that I do and the time that I take/spend truly fit me.

I love this quote, "The thought manifests the word, the word manifests the deed, the deed develops into habit and the habit hardens into character."  Buddha.

This is a 10x8 stretched canvas using gesso, modeling paste, acrylic paints, deli paper, a sharpie pen and Heidi Swapp letter stickers.

World English Dictionary
fit 1  (fɪt)
vb  , ( US ) fits , fitting , fitted , fit
1. to be appropriate or suitable for (a situation, etc)
2. to be of the correct size or shape for (a connection, container, etc)
3. ( tr ) to adjust in order to render appropriate: they had to fit the idea to their philosophy
4. ( tr ) to supply with that which is needed
5. ( tr ) to try clothes on (someone) in order to make adjustments if necessary
6. ( tr ) to make competent or ready: the experience helped to fit him for the task
7. ( tr ) to locate with care
8. ( intr ) to correspond with the facts or circumstances
adj  , fits , fitting , fitted , fit , fitter , fittest
9. suitable to a purpose or design; appropriate
10. having the right qualifications; qualifying
11. in good health
12. worthy or deserving: a book fit to be read
13. ( foll by an infinitive ) in such an extreme condition that a specified consequence is likely: she was fit to scream ; you look fit to drop
14. informal chiefly  ( Brit ) (of a person) sexually attractive
15. the manner in which something fits
16. the act or process of fitting
17. statistics  See goodness of fit the correspondence between observed and predicted characteristics of a distribution or model