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Still looking

I'm still working on this piece.  It just keeps evolving. I don't have a photo of the current evolution on my computer yet.  It is still changing.

The Circle

This was my artistic response to a book by Laura Day, The Circle. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, relishing each chapter, loving it from cover to cover.

Each chapter taught me something new about gifts available to us. Gifts of Initiation, Apprenticeship and Mastery, of embodiment, synchronicity and roadblocks, both inner and outer.  It was a great read.

Peace. Ellie

Small Reminders

This little journal was inspired by Micheal Nobbs over at Sustainably Creative.  I did create this a while ago and I carry it in my purse to remind me that have options. That whatever is happening in my life, I can handle it famously, if I take it little by little and often.
Peace. Ellie
Another work in progress.  I'm loving the colors and the feeling.

Composition Books

These were just plain olde composition books that I altered for some of my friends for holiday gifts.  They were fun to do and much appreciated by all.