While waiting

I've been waiting for school to start again. I loved the Printing and Painting Fabric class I took this last fall, I'm totally hooked! I learned so much and it was unbelievably fun to boot.

Like I said, I've been waiting, not idle, for school to start again.  I just can't wait to get into that great big fabulous studio space where I can get things done. In the meanwhile I've been fooling around with some very small projects based on India Flint's ecoprints.  Here are my latest swatches.

Some were soaked in a jar on the fence for a couple of weeks after having been bundled for 30 days.  The rosy colored swatches are dyed with Cochineal (bugs!) and the brownish were dyed in Black Walnut.  Please check out the link at Cochineal, it's so interesting and amazingly these bugs are also used to color some foods we eat!