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Painted Chair Affair 2015

Here is our progress so far. So much more to do!

More later.


I just started playing in my Gluebook again. I find it so soothing to glue a few pieces of paper into a book without thinking any more than color and/or shape.  That's after it catches my eye, of course.  Spending five to ten minutes each morning doing this little exercise does wonders for my creativity! The rest of my day is opened up and lived through artist eyes. Here's the last bunch since May 26, 2015.

 This was May 26, 2015.  This one I accidentally glued into the book up side down....wonder if that means I am thinking about meditation all wrong?  I'm going on a 10 day Silent Vipassana Meditation retreat, near Yosemite at the end of July, so I should be totally straightened out.

 May 27, 2015. Renew. Got a lot of attention on Face Book with this one. Everyone is so ready to retreat!! Wanting to get away from stress and enjoy nature for a change.

 May 28. 2015. Horizons. Mimicking nature!

 May 29, 2015. Bloom! Feeling like I'm getting into an artistic rhythm…