Gluebooks! First week in June 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the creative people to have provided me with the images I glue into my Gluebooks.  I find the images everywhere! I am grateful for all those creatives who are helping me find my way. 
Thank you!

Deli Joy
June 1
This page is done with a gelli plate mono print on deli paper.  I brayed paint onto the plate,
 then used a rubber stamp to remove the paint in that pattern, then printed the deli paper. 

June 2

Started Hot Yoga again! So hard to stick with it. But can't seem to live without it.  Boy o Boy! I am out of shape.  Learning so much about my body that I have been ignoring for awhile.  Good to be back in the swing of healthy things again.

Sacred Place 
June 3

 I love Joseph Campbell so much! Here's a beautiful quote; 
"Your scared place is where you can find yourself again and again".

Gateway to the Underworld 
June 4

Been reading, Mysteries of the Dark Moon by Demetra George.  Wow! It is a very powerful book and is giving me numerous gifts and ideas. The Underworld is our sub-conscience rich with all sorts of opportunities, I want to know more. I am inviting my "Demons" home for a reunion.

June 5
We humans are brimming with ingenuity.  I am looking to the Goddesses of old and asking for guidance and clear imagination.

 Digging Deep!
June 6
The only way to get over pain it through it.  I am excavating my Underworld with the help of many Goddesses and Heroes close to my heart.  I am looking for my "Demons" so that I can welcome them home and truly embrace their spirit.

Life in Balance
June 7
I am seeking a life in balance, to be emerged in my emotions yet not drowned by them. I am also honoring a dream I had of a DELICIOUS man that came to me.