Gluebooks: June 2015, Week 2

Again a special thanks to the many creative people that make it possible for me to explore my Inner Being by providing so much creative fodder for me play with.

June 2015 Week 2

I've invited my Gremlins, Demons and otherwise pushed into the shadows type personality defects Home for a family reunion. I am trying my best to live a new and better life.  These are my explorations so far.
 I've invited all!! Even the stuff locked away in the deepest darkest, long forgotten filling cabinet of the Underworld. 

 This one is called Traveling, On the Move.  I am imaging that "they" are moving back to my heart center and wondering what all this could be about.

 Racing the Moon. Still gathering for the Reunion.  

 An Idea in Full Bloom.  I'm so excited about having invited my shadow side into the light.  I have high hopes that everything will work out really wonderfully for all of us.

 Had a dream and couldn't remember anything about it at all except the words "Who's afraid of a Moonbeam Sandwich?"  I though about it and talked about it and thought that it could mean something sandwiched between two somethings.  I found this image and loved that all the statuary was sandwiched between the floors, layered kind of.  Then words in a matching color found their way into my hands.  I was looking for separate letters to spell out the words from my dream and realized I would have to print them out myself.  So as I was gluing this together I found the words "between two worlds" is what the sandwich is made of!! The waking world and the Underworld.

 Own Kind of Music. Music is a vibration.  I'm trying to vibrate at a higher frequency. I need to vibrate at my own personal frequency to make this work really work.

Intentionally Attracting.  As I vibrate at my own frequency the universe will recognize my intention and send back the same.

That's all for now. Hope you are enjoying my play and find time to explore your own Inner Being.  More next week.

I see the Light in you,