Gluebooks June 2015, Week 3

I am feeling so grateful that I can dig deeper and deeper into my subconscious. Each time I sit down to create a page in this small book I have no idea what will appear.  I am mindfully getting out of the way, letting my Inner Being take the controls to inspire and create whatever needs to be birthed.

 June 17, 2015
Welcome Moonbeams! I was calling the Shadow Children I have called back home on the Dark of the Moon, Demons, Gremlins and other such demeaning names. I am so sorry for that! I have come to know them as my Moonbeams! I have welcomed them home with a open heart and arms to live out their lives at home in comfort.

 June18, 2015
Heart Seed. "Find the seed at the bottom of your heart and bring forth a beautiful flower." Shigenori Kameoka.  My Moonbeams are blooming everyday.  My hero, Mahatma Gandhi lived in his truth as much as any human could, a great mentor!

 June 19, 2015
Height of Reflection.  The more I do this work the more I am able to reflect clearly.  I am seeing and feeling that I have done the right thing to bring home, or better, bring into the light all the parts of me that where lurking in the shadows and not really fulfilling the purpose intended. It's a rich feeling!

 June 20, 2015
Awesomeness. All my Moonbeams are completely awesome. There is real beauty in them all no matter how they may appear at first.  Each and every one are a reflection of the true me.

 June 21, 2015
Happy Solstice.  A day of thoughtful celebration, I really enjoyed having quiet time alone this day.

 June 22, 2015
Seeing the Light.  I am feeling light as air! I am sleeping better and feel some small joy everyday! I'm taking better care of myself with good organic food, Hot Yoga, art and loving myself with all my heart, can't ask for more than that.

 June 23, 2015
Unlock the Secrets. I love that this Emperor is holding these Secrets.  He appears to be very tight lipped but that's only because the Secrets have been intrusted to him for safe keeping.  We will have a formal ritual to unlock even the deepest darkest secrets. 

The journey continues..........

Again, I want to thank all the creative people that make this project possible for me.  All the books, magazines and periodicals, the found items and all the fodder.  Thank you!