Gluebook, July 2015, first 10 days.

Each of these "gluebook" pages is created in less than 5 minutes without any thought about outcome.  After the images are glued down and it feels finished I look for a message.  These are my findings.

 Don't go another day, week, month or year without finding and harnessing your passion.  Whatever it is, hold on to that while letting go of things, people and behaviors that do not behoove you.

 To be brain healthy, keep learning and firing those synopses which I see as the precious jewels of our brains. Out of the primordial soup of our thoughts come the tadpoles of ideas that will grow into our brilliance.

 Sacred. This page is for my Mother born 103 years ago on this day, July 3. She was an avid knitter and created so many wonderful sweaters, dresses, suits, coats and a multitude of gifts and household items.  She was 83 when she passed and had been creating fabric arts since the age of 8.

 Step onto the Path and become awakened! Allow nature to teach you what you need/want to know.

 I recently called home all my shadows or "Demons", whom are now known as "Moonbeams".  After that action, I thought to myself; "What have I done?", and fear set in.  However, since the Strawberry Moon my Moonbeams arrived, I have found them to be a true gift that I didn't know I wanted.

 Harmony! I am feeling peace and harmony within myself.  I feel like I am truly enjoying this life I am living.

 Mysterious. I am good with whatever comes.  I don't need to know every thing. I am not in control. I can only respond to my life. 

 Indulgent Care. It is up to me to take really good care of myself. To find relaxation and nurture whenever I can, to the best of my ability.

 Learning to Let Go Gracefully! This is bursting bubbles that are only illusions and finding true heart and meaning for me.  Letting go of whatever is not in alignment with my soul.

 Awakened. Coming out of the dessert of the Ego.  Turning Inward, caring for the physical body and waking the soul.

I hope that you are enjoying these posts. I want to thank the artists that have provided all the images that I use from magazines, books and the internet.

Thank you! Without you I would have a blank canvas and would not know my personal joy.

Post a comment!  Let me know how you feel about these pages and ask any questions you may have.