Last Week of June 2015

All in all I feel this has been a very good art and emotional month for me. I did miss two days (the 13th and 30th) of gluebook pages but feel just fine with that. I also traveled to Salem, Oregon for six days at the end of the month but was able to keep to my practice.  So here are the final pages for June 2015.  I've added a bit more description for those curious souls who asked.

June 24, 2015
This is the threshold to the awakening I am venturing.  It is ancient and earthy and I need to trust the deepest parts of me to continue my quest.  This is the clay and mortar of our souls that goes deep, holding us altogether.

What Resonates?
June 25, 2015

Who looks outside, Dreams Who looks inside, Awakens.  In  looking for my true nature, I'm cracking open and shattering the old seeds and reflections I've been holding on to. Looking to find the music in me. I'm ready to finally live my intended life.

Underground Shadow Temples
June 26, 2015

These are my Shadow Temples.  They are layered and go deeper and deeper into my Underworld.  My shadows, also known as Anima, live here. They are sacred places.  We visit only occasionally, if ever, in an effort to find hidden meaning in our lives. They are places of boundless beauty and veneration.

June 27, 2015
The birds signify dreams and ideas I thought were long gone, categorized and filed away.  I have undeniable compassion for these things as I find my way awake.  It’s with the awe of innocence that I can bring these dreams and ideas to full bloom.

Sunken Treasure 
 June 28, 2015
I say; “Alleluia!!!!”  I have detected treasure within myself and there is true value here!  Most of what I’m finding is ancient and useful. Thank you! Ancestors.  I am still sorting and finding more and could be for a long while.  I realize my adventure has only begun.

 Seek Tranquility
June 29, 2015

I know that no matter how far I may travel or how deep I may dig and no matter what I find, I need to seek tranquility along the way. This is finding beauty in my life to rest in as often as possible.

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