Ten more for July

Got side tracked!  You know.....LIFE.  It always seems to get the way of all my project.  Anyway, here they are, 10 more for the month of July.  You will see that some days were just ho hum but other days I was truly inspired.  Still doing the shadow work.

This is the cover of my new altered Gluebook.  I was going to add "Phases" as the title but like just the visual showing the phases of the eclipse, I think it says it all.

Staying in the past keeps you little and narrow.  I'm done with that, I want to be free to experience all that is out there that piques my interest.

This is the inside cover.  A recording of my artistic journey with out thought or plan. I give myself five minutes, 2 or 3 images, sometimes more and a glue stick.

That would be MY evolution. I feel like a paleoecologist at a personal dig, excavating lost parts of my life. 

Ready for a big change! New Moon in Cancer, lots going on.

Love this image! Solitude is a wonderful thing especially for just being alone with yourself.

I've been doing this shadow work for months and I'm feeling like I'm finally getting somewhere. 

 Don't know yet what this means! Still waiting for a sign.

Learning to really listen to myself and give credit for doing this work.  It is a thing of beauty. It's stabilizing and grounding. My emotions are like a still lake, deep but calm.

Loving the Triple Goddess!!

That's it for now.