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Photo of Original

My cousin made a good point yesterday.  She was not familiar with this particular painting of Van Gogh's.  So asked me to post a photo of the original painting.    It's from the book, The Sunflowers Are Mine; The Story of an Gogh's Masterpiece by Martin Bailey.  So here it is from page 53.

Then here is my copy painting.  For some reason the photo of this is much bluer than in real life.  

 Here's a photo from the classroom.  Not finished yet but a better representation of the color.  And also here you can see my copy and the photo from the book together.

All Done with Master Painter Project

So here is the final look to this canvas.  I swear I will not do any more painting on this canvas.  I'm done! 

Really loved working a Vincent Van Gogh, but when I researched his life I got depressed.   The only reason to keep going was for the Sunflowers!  This is the first painting in the series of four from Arles.  It's called The Three Sunflowers.  After the series was done Vincent painted 3 more of the last painting in this series called.

I will proudly hang this painting on my wall.

A full shot from the back yard thinking that the light was better, however it looks a little blue.

 A detail of the lower left.

Detail of the lower right.


Upper right

Finishing Up

Just a few more details and I'm done!!

This photo was taken in the class room and has so much more light than my room.

Masters Project, Next Step

Now I'm add the preliminary color.
More later!  I will be making adjustments all along the way.


It's the Annual Student Art Show at the Mendocino Gallery.  I got one of my 16x20 painting accepted for the show.  It opens April 21, 2016.

This painting is a mixed media on canvas and I call it Gaia.
Sorry none of the photos of this painting are very good but I did add a couple of shots to show some of the detail.

I used molding paste with stencils, deli papers printed on a gelli plate, packing tape also printed on a gelli plate, old book pages, found objects to apply paint and various combs.  It was a lot of fun and a learning experience!


This new assignment is to copy a famous artist.  Since I have always loved Sunflower's I couldn't resist Van Gogh.  I was lucky enough to see some of his original painting last time they were at the De Young Museum in San Francisco.  I remember just starring at Starry Night.  It was a little tiny  painting but in contrast had very thick paint.  I choose The Three Sunflowers, a painting that has been kept in private collections and not as well known as the others.  The Six Sunflowers, unfortunately was destroyed in the Hiroshima atom bombing.  Fourteen Sunflowers and Sixteen Sunflowers are the most famous of Van Gogh's second series of Sunflowers painted while he lived in the little yellow house in Arles, France.  I almost changed my mind about doing Vincent Van Gogh because just doing the research of his life was depressing, but the sunflowers drew me in! 

This is the under painting;
More later!