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gearing up for finals

Haven't had lots of time to devote to posting my work here lately.  This is the last leg of the Acrylics class and we have been painting Plein Air.  We took an over night field trip and stayed in the old Coast Guard Field Station at Point Arena.  It is a pristine property owned by Mendocino College and until now has been used only for the Science and Oceanography Departments.  It has four houses, each with three bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen and living room fully stocked for over night stays with the exception of linens. Our class had a total blast cooking and painting together.  We would love to do it again next semester.

I have all but the four small paintings we did at the coast.  I've been waiting to get them back but they will be on display until the end of the semester and that's another two weeks.  I will show first what I started out with and what I've done after the trip, both outdoors and in the studio.

One of my many set ups at Point Arena

The challenges of Plein Air!

Reducing to simple shapes and using a limited color scheme.
The opposite!

Simplifying brush strokes.
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