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More from December

Just two for now.  I will be working a 72 hour shift starting in the morning and need to get some rest! It's amazing how many hours you can rack up during the holiday season.
This first spread is all about envelopes!  Yes envelopes.  I love envelopes for some reason.  I think they're very special because they can hold all kinds of suprises, like the keys to wonderful treasure, maps that mark the spot to untold monies and other valuable things.  They can carry good news and bad news.  Your cute little paycheck that you worked hard for or endless bills that you think now you should have known better.  But all my envelopes have gone to the dogs because all I ever get are bills and an occasional paycheck.  Thank the gods for email!

The second spread is a prompt from Sarah Whitmire's twitter prompts.  The first prompt asks us to use a card in the spread, of course I love the joker! I wanted to try a new color combination and ended up really liking the results. I also like the way…

New Stuff in November and December

These past couple of month have been a complete change from the past year.  I lost my 88 year old client to Alheimzers who lived 75 miles from me.  So my dear client and comute is over, which is sad in so many ways. In spite of the comute I was able to bring my computer and art supplies therefore stay active on the internet and keep creating for the three days I was there.

I have a new client who will be 90 years old in 2010, who is in good health and a joy in her own right.  She only lives 15 miles from me but alas, no internet connection or space for me to create art.

So I'm back to a very lopsided exsistance, 3 days with no internet or art and then 4 days off.  I'm having to deal with art and internet withdrawal!  And of course tis the season to be busy, busy, busy! 

All these pages are from my composition book that I got from Walmart for $1.29.  I love that I don't have to worry, just have fun and total paints....priceless fun!

I snagged…

Raw Edge Quilt

Here's my latest project.  I saw this on CRAZY MOM QUILTS and so loved the raw edge aspect of it!  Thank you so much amandajean for giving such clear and easy instructions.  I'm having a ball doing this.  It was so easy to make this project mine. I have all the squares just a little off, like me! It's perfect.

Just wanted to let all of you know that I am having fun doing this blog too.  I've haven't been real good at getting around to posting here at artstudio49, but it was never my intention to stay to a rigid schedule, and this is proof!

I'm ready to start quilting.  The back is a white on white Hawaiian print of ferns and Hibiscus flowers with two uneven strips of a Navy Blue background fabric with the same type of flowery print. I hope you can see the pattern of the white because it looks fabulous with the navy blue. The other great thing about this quilt is that it is entirely made up of scraps that were in my closet just sitting there doing nothing.

So I w…

Slow Down!

I saw this odd color combination on a blog somewhere, so I thought I would give it a try. I'm sorry that I didn't pay attention to who's blog it was and promise to not let that happen again. I love to credit the creative person who inspires me. It's only fair! Also love this quote by John de Paola and I am trying with all my heart to heed the call. The quote goes..."Slow down and everything you're chasing will come around and catch you". I have tried some new lettering techniques and pasted some lace onto the page. I had a lot of fun doing this page.

Creating Personal Retreats an Online Workshop

The Entrance

This is week three, Contemplation!  So the front side of our Retreat House is done, mostly, I can see where I would like to add more personally meaningful additions here and there. I'm taking this Online Workshop with Cathryn Antyr, the collagediva. I did another workshop with Cathryn and was very pleased with the details of instruction and the photos which guide you along and this workshop is no different.  I beleive that through this work I am finding balance in my life which was sorely needed.

First Panels
My artistic blossoming is depicted by a Louts flower.  Each petal reflects an aspect I am working on.  I also added that while I am doing this work I will allow myself to gently unfold but at the same time allow
exploration while holding close to what has heart and meaning for me personally.

Center Panels
This panel is a santuary for Ganesh.  The little window opens to reveal some of the attributes of Ganesh, he is the Lord of Protection and Refuse.  He Repels Obstacl…

Composition Art Journal, Nice People Page 2

click for a larger view
Nice People

This page was inspired by my room mate, Nicole Douglas.  She and I walk around town a lot, she more than me.  We enjoy everyone's gardens as we pass by.  We have commented to many of our neighboors on   their beautiful gardens.  One Saturday morning while Nicole was walking a neighboor came out to greet her with the lovely little flowers pictured above.  I just so happened to have the most perfect and tinyest little vase known to man, it was a recent gift from my dear friend Lamona Walraven. That is a Golden Delicious Apple behind the flowers.

Composition Art Journal, Beginings Page 1

click on photo for closer view
This is the opening page of my new Composition Book Journal.  I was inspired by my new Yahoo Group, CompositionArtJournals.  In this group we share our love of art journaling -- using a simple black and white speckled composition book as the starting point! Using this inexpensive and simple beginning, we've let go of expectations and guilt that some of us have with more expensive blank journals -- which has inhibited our creativity and made us too cautious. Pick up a cheapie journal, slap some paint on a few pages, and jump in, as they say in my group! And that is exactly what I have done...jumped in with both feet!

Soul Journaling

This photo is my "soul armor".  It's one of the pages from my Soul Journal that I am creating by following a blog called  Caspiana , by Sarah Whitmire.  There are 22 days of soul journaling to do there.  Each day you work,  little by little creating your journal, the work is deep and satisfying.  Sarah's instruction is very easy to understand.  I do have other pages but this is my favortie so far. I'll post more later

Black and White

I created this blog as a place for me to post my art as it develops. A chronicle of development, sound ominous. It's a little scary, well a lot scary, but I don't know why. Anyway, I'm sure I'll get over it.
So here is the first peice, entitled Black and White. It's a series of new techniques that I learned just this week. It was inspired by Kathyrn Antyr, collagediva of True North Arts when I read her post on Facebook about the Marsha Beck's workshop on her book, The Joy Diet. I guess they are working on chapter #4.
I learned the lettering techniques from Nicolette Anderson , and that was just from a sample she sent me. I will be taking some or all of her online classes especially since they are only $20.00 per class.
And the colors came from a challenge with Michelle Ward at GPP Street Team: Crusade #34. I had a lot of fun creating this page for my art journal!