Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More from December

Just two for now.  I will be working a 72 hour shift starting in the morning and need to get some rest! It's amazing how many hours you can rack up during the holiday season.
This first spread is all about envelopes!  Yes envelopes.  I love envelopes for some reason.  I think they're very special because they can hold all kinds of suprises, like the keys to wonderful treasure, maps that mark the spot to untold monies and other valuable things.  They can carry good news and bad news.  Your cute little paycheck that you worked hard for or endless bills that you think now you should have known better.  But all my envelopes have gone to the dogs because all I ever get are bills and an occasional paycheck.  Thank the gods for email!

The second spread is a prompt from Sarah Whitmire's twitter prompts.  The first prompt asks us to use a card in the spread, of course I love the joker! I wanted to try a new color combination and ended up really liking the results. I also like the way the black pen wavy vertical lines worked out.


freebird said...

Enjoyed these pages. I've used envelopes to hold seeds also. I like them better than plastic bags as the seeds don't get moldy if they aren't totally dry. I am making a journal in a class by Mary Ann Moss and some of the pages are made of opened up security envelopes!

Do you use watercolor or acrylic paints for your backgrounds? I was layering acrylics in my composition book but the pages were too flimsy to hold so much so I started gluing a couple together plus cutting some out because of the thickness building up in the book. It looks as if it's working for you to use single pages.

Seventytwo hour shifts - that's tough! Won't it be nice when wireless broadband (or whatever the heck it's called) will be available everywhere for everyone? I keep hoping it will be someday.

The Fragrant Muse said...

I like how you sewed the button in your journal, but I wonder why the pages don't tear? Did you reinforce the page somehow?

Ellie said...

Sorry this took so long to answer Liz! I didn't actually sew the buttons in, although I have seen special needles just for paper. I glued in on! The only problem is I don't really like the way the other side of the page looks. I haven't journaled on the other side of that page yet but will have to incorporate some design to either hide or embellish the flat spot the button created.

Ellie said...

Freebird! So sorry this has taken so long. Thanks for all the kind comments! I do use the cheapest acrylic I can find and I don't "paint" it on I use a credit card and scrape it on. It keeps the volume down. I too love the security envelopes! I'll have to check out the Mary Ann Moss workshop, although I'm busy with Kathryn Antyr's Storytelling and Collage at the moment!

RunninL8 said...

Hi Ellie! I followd your link from Art from the Heart! What a lovely blog....and your journal pages are wonderful! Hope you'll drop by my blog for a visit as well!
74 hr shift! WOW!!!