Altered Composition Books and more 100 Days

I took a whole bunch of photos of my 100 Days project and also some of my one and only painted face. Then I took a smattering of photos of the Journal Covers left over from the ones I made for presents.  I uploaded all of these to iphoto and then accidentally deleted all of them and......all of my other photo too.  Oops!

So. I will pull them out of the trash, but here's the problem...there are 9227 photos all jumbled in the trash with no folders or albums.  It's going to take awhile.  I'll get back to you on this.

Ok then! Got'em.  These are composition books that I altered and gave away as presents.

These are just the beginnings of 100 Days, a Promise to Myself

Day 99

Day 98

Day 97

That's all for now folks! I promise to keep up from now on...I've completed up to Day 60 so I'll be posting everyday till they're are all up. I'm pooped!! See you tomorrow.