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Acrylics So Far!

I'm so lucky to have a fabulous teacher! She is so learned on the subject of painting with acrylics and oils. I swear she knows EVERYTHING!!

I've have so many realizations in her class and am really enjoying the many challenges she offers.  Here is some stuff so far.

This is where we started after creating a grey scale then a scale in umber.
A monochrome painting.

Then we set up for a Blue and Orange Painting

Here I'm formulating the idea.  It really doesn't look like much.

This is not the final painting.  Haven't taken a photo of the final but the shadow is much better.

We also did scales for Blue and Orange. Then we did a full on Color Wheel.

Next we moved on to Red and Green or Yellow and Violet.  I was still working on my scales for Yellow and Violet so this was all that was left in the props box.  So I got Yellow and Violet.

Then the fun started with introducing Glazing Medium.  So we played with glazing medium on our monochrome paintings.

Just when I felt …


Taking another art class.  This time Acrylics.  It's a great class with lots of other students who are a year or more ahead of me.  A mixed group of great artists.  I know its not much right now but I have lots more work to do.  Loving the class!